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Interview with - Crystel Land

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To KUNG-LONG and readers of blessings.

Kung-Long and readers, Thanks so much for being my first interview!
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Crystel Land.




The interview is very happy for everyone to Crystel Land.Crystel Land has a very rich work experience, the following will share with you.

Below is our question:

Q: In these experiences work, what impressed you? Why?
Crystel: My most impressive job was at Vigil Games. They easily had one of the most art focused character teams I've been a part of, and were very cohesive.

That job felt more like being part of a big art family than anywhere else I've been. 

Battlecry Studios comes as a close second, I had a very organized lead and they gave me a chance to explore new techniques on the job.



Lycan Trueform- Concept by Danidem

Collaboration with danidem on Lycan trueform for dota2


Q: Your data show that you almost get jobs after graduation, you think it is lucky or you actually do a lot of preparation? What did you do to prepare? So you can get those jobs.

Crystel: My first job was actually in military simulation, it's a bit different from the video game industry and they are much more willing to hire junior level 3d artists for that field.

School taught me to be a generalist, but I've found if you want to work in games, it's best to focus on the field you want to be a part of.

What really helped me prepare was a lot of searching the internet on my own for the information I needed.

Sites like polycount.com, game-artist.net, gameartisans.org, and zbrushcentral.com, the "how u model dem shapes" thread on polycount,
tutorials from other 3d artists like Gavin Goulden and Ben Mathis, and Gnomon tutorials all what helped me figure out what I was doing :)



Hellcat for Crowfall

Asset done for ArtCraft Entertainment's game Crowfall http://crowfall.com/#/
Concept created by Allison Theus


Fall Gryphon for Crowfall

Asset done for ArtCraft Entertainment's game Crowfall http://crowfall.com/#/
Concept created by Allison Theus

Q: So many years of work experience, in addition to constantly upgrade technology, what do you think is more important for your inspiration?
Crystel: Other artists are very inspirational to me!

I'm always inspired by the particularly motivated artists like Darren Bartley who can do both 2d and 3d really well,
and Paul Pepera who posts some of the best hard-surface art I've seen.

My old co-worker Adam Schuman always pushes me to give things my best effort. Seeing artists that stay active can also be inspirational,
I've been a fan of Cedric Seaut and Jonathan Fletcher's work since I started learning 3d.




Collaboration with Kyle Cornelius on Mount for Mirana


Broodmother - Steelweb of Pytheos Set - Concept by Toph Gorham

Armor set for Broodmother in Dota 2
Available for purchase - http://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/20277?r=258
Concept by Toph Gorham - http://vertexsnapper.com/Imgs/sketch/BroodMother_FullColor.jpg

Q: Software skills that you use, is to learn from the school? If not, what way you learn those skills? When you graduate from school, who learn through what way?
Crystel: School actually taught me Maya, which I barely use. I found a lot of the info I know about 3ds max, Zbrush, Photoshop, etc. from the internet.
There's even more info these days for free on YouTube and you can watch people stream live on twitch.

I'm a little jealous of everyone who is learning 3d these days, it's much easier to find info :)



Ensemble of the Great Deluge - Disruptor Set

Dota2 set for Disruptor
On the workshop for voting! http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=449501199
Base model for Disruptor by Valve (blacked out in marmoset viewer)
Concept/Model/Textures by me


Q: Have you ever been learning 2d drawing skills?

Crystel: Yes, absolutely! I feel like it's a greatly overlooked skill for 3d artists to be able to draw as well.
Even if the drawings aren't that great, it's a good way to get ideas down fast before going into 3d.

I've been drawing since I was a little kid, and while I don't do it that much these days I still find it fun and important to do.



The Pernicious Firebrand - Batrider Set - Concept by Kyle Cornelius

Dota2 set for Batrider
On the workshop for voting! http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=448972471
Base model for Batrider by Valve (blacked out in marmoset viewer)
Concept by Kyle Cornelius
Model/Textures by OrganizedChaos

Q: Do you think whether to have a good sculpture need to have drawing capabilities?

Crystel: I don't think it's absolutely necessary to be able to draw to make a good sculpture.

I do think being able to draw gives you an advantage, at the very least it would make it faster to figure out your goal for the sculpture,
but I do know some artists that think better in 3d than 2d space.


Warble and Snikt - Concept by Kyle Cornelius

Courier for dota2 still on the workshop for voting here - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=340978181
Concept by Kyle Cornelius
Animations/Rig by Matt Lefferts
Everything else by Crystel Land (me)

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge of the creative process? How to break through?
Crystel: The biggest challenge that I face personally is not over-critiquing my own work. 
Sometimes I don't break through this and I never finish what I'm doing because it's never good enough to me.
Having a deadline can help with that, or being obliged to do it because it's a for someone else or a collaboration with them.



Darksiders 2 Armor set and variant

Starter armor sets in darksiders 2 - I did not work on Death, just his armor

Q: In the process of the creation of these works, what are you think most happy thing?
Crystel: It's a tough call between sculpting and texturing.

I love the sculpting process, I could sit down and lose myself in zbrush for hours.
But it's definitely a toss up between that and making a good hand painted texture.
I guess I'm most happy with the parts of the process that are close to traditional skills, sculpting and texturing are similar to traditional sculpting and traditional painting.



Techpriest Armorset

-done for Vigil Games-

Q: How do you keep your skills Enhancement? What method you use to improve your technology? And, how much time you spend each day?

Crystel: There are tons of ways to keep improving your skills,
I find tutorials on gumroad and keep an eye on the polycount.com forums for new methods or technology. 

They're pretty good at posting things like that on their news page.
I'll do quick speedsculpts to try to practice my design skills or follow a zclassroom video and try a new method.

If I'm not dealing with a tight deadline, I try to spend at least an hour each day doing some kind of study.


Ork Armorset

Ork Base by Brian Jones
-done for Vigil Games-

Q: When you conceived a model, how do you start?
Crystel: Lots of sketches and lots of reference.
Sometimes I just scribble on the page and pull shapes I like, or doodle with random shapes in alchemy.

I like to surround myself with reference images that capture my idea and inspire me and then see what happens.

PureRef is a great program for quickly arranging reference.
Sometimes I continue the doodling process in zbrush with dynamesh and zspheres until I finally nail down my idea.


Staff Weapons

Staves made for psykers


Weapons for Darksiders 2


Q: What software is used for modeling you think best? What do you think it is the most powerful advantage?
Crystel: Everyone has their opinion :)
I like that I don't have to navigate through seven menus, or create my own custom toolbar,
to do a simple task like 'bend' in 3ds Max. But honestly, Zbrush is becoming more and more powerful each iteration.
I wouldn't be surprised if that becomes an all-in-one for modeling. I'm really excited about their new poly modeling tools.



Raiment of the Sacred Blossom - Concept by Kyle Cornelius

Concept by Kyle Cornelius
This armor set was made for dota2's Phantom Assassin hero for the 2015 new bloom event :)
It was accepted for game! You can find this set for purchase here http://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/11177
Please note the base model was done by Valve

Q: What is your favorite type of sculpture? Why?
Crystel: I love seeing traditional sculptures like what Simon Lee, Peter Konig, Aris Kolokontes, Laurel Austin and James Kagel have done.
There's something about there being no undo button or symmetry that makes me appreciate it all that much more.


Retro Sci-Fi guy

Thought it would be good to get a character on here :)
This is inspired by The Rocketeer, retrofuturism, dieselpunk... the idea is he's some form of hero and the backpack powers the gadget on his hand


Q: These creative works in which one is you most satisfied with? Why?
Crystel: Currently I'm most satisfied with my Doomsday + Fin Fang Foom model for GameArtisan's 2015 Comicon Challenge.
I don't think it's my absolute best work, but I am happy with what I accomplished with that model.

I met the deadline, and I made my own idea for it. I find it hardest for me to complete models that are 100% personal,
so I'm proud that I managed to do that this year.


Comicon 2015 - Doomsday + Fin Fang Foom



Q: What are you trying to finish the dream of the future?
Crystel: My dream would be a chance to work at a studio as a creature artist :)
I love the work I've gotten to do on characters/gear/weapons,
but creatures are my real passion. Even better if it means I get to make dragons!


- The End -



Retro Studios - Character Artist  Austin, Tx- 02/2014- Present

Battlecry Studios - Character Artist  Austin, Tx- 09/2013- 01/2014

Retro Studios - Contract Character Artist  Austin, Tx- 05/2012- 09/201

【Published games include: -Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze – WiiU】

Vigil Games - Character Artist  Austin, Tx- 05/2011- 05/2012

【Published games include: Darksiders 2 - Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, WiiU】

Vigil Games - Character Art Intern  Austin, Tx- 05/2010- 05/2011

【Published games include: -Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team - Xbox 360】

DiSTI - Senior 3d Artist  Orlando, FL- 06/2009- 05/2010

N-Space Incorporated - Handheld DS Character Modeler  Orlando, FL - 06/23/2008- 05/22/2009

Published games include:

-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - Nintendo DS

- Hannah Montana: The Movie - Nintendo DS

- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized - Nintendo DS

- Toy Story 3- Nintendo DS

- James Bond 007: Blood Stone- Nintendo DS

DEI Services Corporation- Graphics Developer  Winter Park, Fl- 01/2008 - 06/2008

Institute for Simulation & Training- 3d Artist  Orlando, Fl-  12/2006 - 12/2007

Software used

-3d Studio Max




-Substance Designer

-3d Coat




-High-Poly Hard Surface and Organic Modeling

-Low Poly modeling


-Traditional Art (Drawing, Painting)


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